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Compression Springs
Compression Springs:
are helical springs, wound to provide resistance to compression forces. The shapes vary from conical, barrel... Read More >>


For over 30 years, Diversified Spring Technologies has been a leading supplier of precision and commercial springs.

We have committed ourselves to providing our customers quality products and on time delivery.

Diversified Spring Technologies works with customers in various industries.

Cable Springs
Cable Springs:
Need a cable spring? DST has the capabilities of producing various sizes and lengths of cable springs. Unlike ... Read More >>
Extension Springs
Extension Springs:
Extension springs exert a pulling force. They can be close or open wound, with ends formed to allow resistance. Extension springs ... Read More >>
Wireforms, Rings and Washers
Wireforms and Rings:
Diversified Spring has the machinery to produce wireforms, rings, and washers to your precise specifications. Our quality department has advance... Read More >>
Torsion and Specialty Springs
Torsion and Specialty Springs: Torsion springs are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy. The two most common types of torsion springs are single and double-bodied torsion... Read More >>
Fourslide Products,
Fourslide Products, Assemblies
and Stampings
: A flat spring or metal form is made of flat material that has been stamped, pressed, or punched. These springs are usually developed to meet load... Read More >>
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Compression Springs

Cable Springs

Extension Springs

Torsion/Specialty Springs

Wireforms, Rings & Washers

Fourslide Products,
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